Left Alone

Tears rolling down her cheeks, When he left her all alone, His shoulders were the only place she could cry on. But they were gone too. Her soul moaned for him, She wanted the embrace of his arms, How she would live without him, she had no clue. Each day without him felt so long. … More Left Alone


Shattered into fragments of rust, My heart remained untouched, Untouched by the glory of love. But now, I ask the skies above, “How did I ever win your love?” He is a gift from the heavens, A gift I cherish each day, He can never see me cry, He will wipe my tears away. A … More Him


Do we really know who we are? Do we really know ourselves that far? Do we know what we do wrong, and what we do right, Or when we should really accept and when we should really fight? Do we steer the wheel To the accurate direction, Or, are your companions of a good selection? … More Ignorance


The days went by, with nothing but a sigh. He left his doors open, he was the only one to try. He wandered lonely, he wandered alone, But she was never by his side, He was always left to moan, All on his own. She pulled the trigger for him, But couldn’t take his life … More One-sided


I wake up every morning with you in my mind, I forget every single thing that I have left behind. All my life I’ve been so wrong. Where have you been for so long? You are a part of me now, I can’t imagine life without you. You make me feel so special, don’t you … More Unconditional


The day I realized what God has given me, I forgot all my pain and all the tragedy. The love people shower on me amazes me sometimes, I think, “Without them what would be my life?” The care people show makes me forget all strife. Life is beautiful because of what Nature has gifted me … More Gift