I miss you more than words can say. I miss you a little more everyday. And when loneliness numbs my soul, All I wish is to see you again. I miss your touch and your beautiful smile. I miss caressing your body and holding it close to mine. I miss your big dark blue eyes, … More Tragedy

Left Alone

Tears rolling down her cheeks, When he left her all alone, His shoulders were the only place she could cry on. But they were gone too. Her soul moaned for him, She wanted the embrace of his arms, How she would live without him, she had no clue. Each day without him felt so long. … More Left Alone


Shattered into fragments of rust, My heart remained untouched, Untouched by the glory of love. But now, I ask the skies above, “How did I ever win your love?” He is a gift from the heavens, A gift I cherish each day, He can never see me cry, He will wipe my tears away. A … More Him

Take Me Back

Time flowed by, there is still no reply. Broken pieces of my heart do not go together anymore. My gestures remain incomprehensible. There is no significance of a rage, because everything has come to an irretrievable stoppage. Retrieve me from this monotony, guide me through the darkness, enlighten my path. Be mine, be merciful, forget … More Take Me Back