Another Chance

She had been a liar, she had given him pain,

She took away his sunlight and just made it rain.

She broke all his promises, she threw away their love,

She knew she had let him down, and she had made him weak enough.

She didn’t want to hurt him,

She promised her love had always been true.

But she made the worst mistake possible,

And she broke his heart in two.

She just wanted one more chance, she wished to show him what her love could do.

She wanted to bring his smile back, she wanted to win his heart.

But she didn’t know that his heart had been broken, and he had been torn apart.

He could not give her another chance, he had given up on her and on life.

He knew everything was over, he had had enough of her lies.

He stopped believing her, he stopped believing in love.

She had lost him, it had been too late, and now, repentance hadn’t been enough.


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