I miss you more than words can say.
I miss you a little more everyday.
And when loneliness numbs my soul,
All I wish is to see you again.
I miss your touch and your beautiful smile.
I miss caressing your body and holding it close to mine.
I miss your big dark blue eyes,
Their colour as pure and blue as the skies.

Your love used to ameliorate my pain.
Your love used to keep me sane.
Your love used to vanish life’s tragedy.
Your love was my cure, my remedy.

I only wish I could hold you once again, 
This indomitable distance makes me insane.
I wish I could reach you and bring you back,
But now I have lost you forever to eternity,  and I shall wait for our souls to meet someday soon.
‘Til that I shall grieve and mourn.
As I remain broken and all alone. 


One thought on “Tragedy

  1. A great post and I loved the raw out-pouring of emotions in the verse. But I am left wondering whether the tragedy pertains to the several aspects ( physical and emotional) that the author misses? Or is it about a more fundamental loss that seems to be alluded to in the last couple of lines?

    Be as it may, Death does have serious effects on the minds of all those close. Sometime back, I too had mused on this aspect and I provide the link here, should you be interested to explore a different occurring.


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