Our Love

There is nothing I can think about.

There is nothing I can do.

All I know about is you and only you.

You are my sunshine,

You are my guiding star.

But you are the one who is not near,

The one who is everything to me,

Everything I need and all that I see.

Existence without you is meaningless to me,

Because having you is the best thing.

Without you, I will no longer be.

I always loved you,

And I always will,

No matter what we have to go through,

We will be together still.

I want our love to be eternal, and to be everything I will ever have.

Our love shall be there forever,

Even when we are miles apart,

And even when we are not together.

I miss you every second, and every minute that passes.

And there is no such day I can remember,

When I did not cry for you.

Because my feelings for you are the deepest, they are for forever and true.


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