I always wish you had said something more, Without your touch, my body remains numb and sore. My heart used to skip a beat, when  I used to hear you speak. But you burned my soul, you burned my dreams–our dreams. Your promises shall remain forever unfulfilled. But you are still the one I will … More Waiting


The tears I wasted on you, The days I spent thinking of you, All of the pain has led me to a dark   solitude. Your lovely smile used to make my day, When you held me in your arms and looked into my eyes, We used to love each other, we used to have so … More Broken

Our Love

There is nothing I can think about. There is nothing I can do. All I know about is you and only you. You are my sunshine, You are my guiding star. But you are the one who is not near, The one who is everything to me, Everything I need and all that I see. … More Our Love


Hopeless is all I am, With no one by my side. I have lost everything, trying to do what’s not right. Once things were fine, And now, Everything is shattered, and there is no hope I can find. Nothing I can hold on to. Everything so black and blue. My life remains colourless, And there … More Hopeless