Do we really know who we are?

Do we really know ourselves that far?

Do we know what we do wrong, and what we do right,

Or when we should really accept and when we should really fight?

Do we steer the wheel

To the accurate direction,

Or, are your companions of a good selection?

Do we really know the differences between bad and good and good, and evil?

Is the soul inside you an angel or a devil?

Are we hypnotized by the sparkling fame,

Or are we wild in this tamed world,

Are we special or are we just the same?

Are we left to play the game alone,

With no one by your side?

Are we really the puppets of someone’s show, someone we must abide?

Whatever it is, we know not who we are,

We know not what is written in the last pages of our story,

Or if we are crossed by our star.

We know nothing, we shall remain guided by the darkness of ignorance.

We are easily misguided by the usurper’s influence!

Why is it so?

The answer is; we still do not know!


3 thoughts on “Ignorance

  1. Interesting questions the answers however are not certain. “Do we steer the wheel”? Perhaps we think we do but the reality is that the wheel is not connected to anything – it’s free. 😩

    Thanks and regards.

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