He’s my world

There he goes again, Making me go insane, only for him. I just wanted to be loved and to give love, Nothing more! He is still the world to me because without him I cannot be, He is meant for me. I love him so much, there is no one such. He is perfect for … More He’s my world

Life is Contradiction

Life, life! It lies within you. It is beyond you. You close your eyes and feel like you are nothing, When you open them, you wish to be someone or something. People run after dreams, people run after people, people run after fame. What we don’t know is that, all remains the same. Being accomplished … More Life is Contradiction

You And I

When your image occurs to me every morning, I feel like running away with you for a new beginning. People tell me to think, But I love to love! I love to love you, I love thinking of only you, Uttering your name, feeling your hands in mine, your fingers slowly running through my hair. … More You And I